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        ISO 9001:2015 ENGLISH中文


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        • Professional knowledge training

          2017-07-10Professional knowledge training

          In July 6th, the purchasing department organized training on die casting technology, we benefited a lot.

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        • ISO 2768-1:1989

          2017-06-06ISO 2768-1:1989

          General tolerances for linear and angular dimensions without individual tolerance indications ISO 2768-1:1989 All features on component parts always have a size and a geometrical shape. For the deviation of size and for the deviations of the geometrical characteristics (form,orientation and location) the function of the part requires limitations which, when exceeded, impair this function.The tolerance on the drawing should be complete to ensure that the elements of size and geometry of all featu

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        • ISO  Annual Audit in 2010

          2017-06-06ISO Annual Audit in 2010

             Dongguan Kangfeng Metal Co.,Ltd is undertaking the ISO Annual Audit in 2010!

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        • How to be a qualified QC staffs

          2017-05-31How to be a qualified QC staffs

          Last week after the working time ,Mr Wei manger organize all QC department colleagues for a training to improve their working skills . Mr Wei has rich technologies and much practice experience and himself is really a kind person with good patient . This time he must teach them many useful experience and help a lot in the job .

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        • QC team learn ISO9000

          2017-05-24QC team learn ISO9000

          It is never too old to learn.QC is the core of our products.Our QC team is eager to learn more about ISO9000.Although some of them have learned it before,there is somehting always be forgotten.So our QC  manager gether them to know more about ISO9000, how to follow the different method to check the product,how to make decision in our products.We will be more and more confident  in our QC team and products.

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        • ISO9001:2015  certificate

        • Kangfeng got the ISO9001:2008 Certificate

          2017-05-24Kangfeng got the ISO9001:2008 Certif...

                Dongguan Kangfeng Metal Co.,Ltd officially passed the ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System Certificate of Approval and got the ISO9001:2008 on July 17th,2009.      

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